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flagofvalor's Journal

Y!PP Cobalt's Valor flag
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Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates is our home.

Ahoy! We be of the Valor flag on Cobalt Ocean.

If ye want to join one of our crews, ask an officer of the crew. ^_^
If ye want to become an allied crew, ye'r first step should be /tell'in a member of royal status.

In either case, this community be fer those currently a part of Valor. Ye're welcome to comment to a post if ye are interested in joining us (responses from lilly-livered landlubbers are moderated as well), and if ye'r interest seems sincere, ye'r request will be granted. That way ye can get to know ye'r future flagmates before becoming part o' the flag.

Faire winds!

Captain of Zaibatsu Tora
Lady of Valor
Community creator and maintainer ^_^